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This chair originated from the assignment to create a stool out of a 1 mm thick square meter sheet of metal. This assignment was grounded in exploring various ways to use a rather simple material.


I wanted to discover how a static, bendable and unstable sheet of metal could be transformed into an organic looking object that had the strength to support the weight of a person. To reach this goal, I discovered my own technique where I hammered the metal sheet into a cylinder shaped object to create a wavy structure. By doing this on both sides, the sheet received a pattern that is not only horizontally and vertically bent, but technically bent from all sides, which makes the sheet non-bendable and stable. No heat is neccesary for this technique and therefore no strength is deprived from the material. To touch on the contrast between the wavy texture and the untouched, sleek material, I kept part of the chair untouched.

concrete backdrop and chair kopie.jpg
concrete backdrop and chair 2 kopie.jpg
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